Melina Says She's Looking For "Mr. Right", Lex Luger Appears On "Robot Chicken"

— Since parting ways with WWE in August, Melina has been highlighting messages on Twitter which suggest that her relationship with John Morrison is not picture perfect. She retweeted the following recently:

“I haven’t met Mr. Right yet. But I have met Mr. Fake, Mr. Rude, Mr. Wrong & Mr. Player.”

She then wrote regarding the message, “But I pray 1 day I’ll meet Mr Right!”

— Former WWE star Luke Gallows suggested on Twitter that he’s now a tattoo artist. He wrote, “Just gave my first tattoo in Melbourne, Australia!”

— A character depicting Lex Luger appeared on a recent episode of the stop motion animated television series Robot Chicken. The clip can be accessed here.

*PHOTOS* Lex Luger with Miss Elizabeth

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