McGillicutty To Use Hennig Name, Rapper Speaks About Primetime Players Theme

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– has an interview up with rapper Woo Child, who performs the Prime Time Players’ theme song. Young & O’Neal for picking him to sing their theme song and wouldn’t record a theme song for any other superstars:

“They gave me the first opportunity and I can’t see myself turning my back on the people who gave me the opportunity just for somebody who has a bigger name at the time. I think if given the shot, Darren and Titus can be household names as well.”

– Arda Ocal of The Score Television Network spoke to wrestling legend Larry “The Axe” Hennig, father of “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig and grandfather of WWE Superstar Michael McGillicutty. During their interview, Hennig said he was initially not happy about his grandson not using the Hennig name, but said he spoke to Vince McMahon about it, who told him that there is a plan in place for McGillicutty to eventually embrace his family name.

Hennig also talks about wrestling Roddy Piper in Piper’s first ever wrestling match, facing Andre the Giant, memories of his son Curt and more. Check out this video of the interview:

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