Matt Hardy to Reunite His Platoon? Kane Update, Strowman/Miz News

As seen on last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw, Bray Wyatt seemed to suffer some sort of breakdown in the ring and he then challenged “Woken” Matt Hardy to one more match. Hardy did not appear on the program last night, but he did accept Wyatt’s challenge on Twitter last night, and he also stated that the match will take place on his “battlefield. The next day, Hardy posted a message on social media teasing that he will “reunite the platoon.” Hardy has been promising than more over the top elements of the old “Broken” Matt Hardy gimmick will be coming soon, so this could mean the return of some great characters from the original run of the gimmick in Impact Wrestling. Hardy is also now teasing that the “Ultimate Deletion” is arriving shortly.

EXCELLENT work PROCURING this video feed on the 7th Day, @Vanguard1AAR.. I believe the time has come to REUNITE the Platoon, my SENTIENT AMIGO. Be ready.
— #WOKEN Matt Hardy (@MATTHARDYBRAND) February 27, 2018

ABSORBING part of Bray Wyatt’s ESSENCE has allowed me PASSAGE into both the LIGHT and the DARK..
It shall be needed to obtain VICTORY in #TheGrearWar.
— #WOKEN Matt Hardy (@MATTHARDYBRAND) February 27, 2018

Kane returned to WWE television last year after missing several months of action in order to run for Mayor of Knox County in Tennessee. While the campaign is still going on, he had continued to wrestle for WWE up until he was buried underneath the announcer’s table by Braun Strowman one month ago. It was reported last night that Kane was backstage for last night’s Raw show in Anaheim, California, but “The Big Red Machine” was nowhere to be found during the broadcast. PWInsider has reported that Kane was indeed backstage at the show last night despite not being used on TV and he is also scheduled to return for several Raw live events beginning in March.
During Monday Night Raw last night, Intercontinental Champion The Miz cut a promo about how furious he was that he has no clear path to WrestleMania at the moment. Raw General Manager Kurt Angle then booked Miz in back to back matches against Seth Rollins and Finn Balor. Both men defeated The Miz and now have their sights set on his title. This goes against the previous reports claiming that Braun Strowman would be challenging The Miz for his championship. On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer confirmed that those plans are now off the table and that Strowman is considered “plan B” opponent for The Miz at WrestleMania this year.

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