Matt Hardy Makes Video Tease Of New Character

As was seen on RAW last Monday, it appears that Matt Hardy and the WWE will be shifting Hardy towards the “broken” character that he is well known for when he was with TNA Wrestling. TNA/Impact has already said that they will not go after Hardy like they have done in the past, but it appears the WWE will have its own take on the character as “Awoke” Matt Hardy. Matt, in his effort, has posted a new teaser video that shows to apparent return of Senior Benjamin, a character from his TNA videos who is in actually his father-in-law.



Matt Hardy was brought back to the company last year at Wrestlemania as surprise entrants in the Tag Title match with his brother Jeff. However, they returned under the old “Hardy Boyz” image they were known for in the WWE. Many fans had hoped for a return of the “Broken” Hardyz gimmick and characters that were introduced in TNA and were behind the wildly popular video episodes of Impact over the course of their time with the company. The Hardys made a few stops in Ring of Honor trying to use the Impact wrestling storyline and gimmicks, but the company at the time started legal proceedings in a fight over who owned the character and the names. Recently Impact announced they were no longer going to pursue the issue and that the contracts with their current talent would be reworked so that the wrestling talent could use their created names and images even after leaving the company.



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