Main Event Finish At WWE Live Events With Cena Sidelined, Mysterio's Return

-The main event of the WWE live event in Fresno, California on Friday featured Randy Orton defending the WWE Championship against Daniel Bryan. The finish saw Orton nearly tapping to the “Yes! Lock” submission hold by Bryan until The Shield did a run-in, causing a disqualification. This led to Big Show and Mark Henry coming in to make the save, while Orton scurried off and escaped up the aisle while all three members of The Shield ate the finishing moves of Show and Henry. With John Cena on the shelf for the remainder of 2013, this will likely be the main event finish on the “A” live events from WWE going forward.

-Speaking of the WWE live event in Fresno, WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio made an appearance, as advertised, and announced during the show that he would be back to in-ring action in September.

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