Lucha Underground Results (07/04): Jake Strong, Chavo Guerrero

Last week’s episode of Lucha Underground ended with Antonio Cueto unlocking Matanza from his chains so it would appear that he is going to cause a lot of damage during this week’s episode. The lasting effects of last week’s Three Way To The Grave Match is still settling in as well when Mil Muertes walked away as the winner. The ongoing feud between Worldwide Underground and The Reptiles is also extremely heated. With other newcomers like Jake Strong on the roster, things are heating up each and every week in The Temple. Let’s get right into the action on this week’s show.
Opening Segment:
Melissa walked up and kissed Fenix as if he were dead and then she walked off. Later on, she was looking at pictures of the two of them on her phone backstage. Catrina walked up to her and said that she was never coming back because Fenix gave his life for the woman who really loves him…her. Then Catrina gave Melissa the pendant and told her it kept her from dying but thanks to Fenix’s sacrifice she’s never felt more alive. Then Catrina walked off to leave Melissa alone with her thoughts and the pendant.

We are told that Famous B had to have several surgeries since Jake Strong snapped his ankle and he may need to get it amputated.
Opening Contest:
Big Bad Steve vs Jake Strong: Jake Strong, formerly known as Jack Swagger in WWE is now known as “The Savage.” Strong forced Steve into the corner and tried to hit a German suplex but Steve blocked it. The two traded some shots before Strong nailed a clothesline and then punished him in the corner with some forearms to the kidneys. Jake went outside and pounded the back of Steve’s neck as he was draped over the roped, then he returned to the ring and nailed a splash off the middle rope. Then Strong nailed a big clothesline and latched on the Ankle Lock submission for the instant submission win. Winner: Jake Strong
After the match, Strong hit a gut-wrench powerbomb on the floor leaving Big Bad Steve laying in pain as the crowd chanted, “Strong!” over and over again.

Backstage Segment: 
Antonio Cueto was in his office saying that King Cuerno has something for him. Cuerno lied and said that the Gauntlet Of The Gods was stolen from him when in reality he had somebody hide it (we don’t know who or when or where yet). After all, he told Catrina that he gave it to someone to hide. Then Antonio offered him an Aztec medallion of his tribe. Then he can go for Lucha Underground Championship. He also offered him revenge against Chavo Guerrero. Cage walked in and said that he saw what he did to Pentagon last week and now he wants to finish the job. Antonio said just because he attacked Penta doesn’t mean he deserves a title match. If he wants a match with the champion then he’ll need to earn it by winning an Aztec medallion. Antonio said that next week Cage will have a chance for revenge but this week it will be Mr. Pec-Tacular vs Mil Muertes.
Second Match:

Daga & Kobra Moon vs Johnny Mundo & Taya: Taya and Daga started things off by working quickly with several reversals and an applause break from the crowd at the end of their exchange. Daga ate a forearm and a kick to the gut, then Taya landed a knee but Daga landed a dropkick to Taya’s face sending her down. Mundo got the tag and after a short start, Daga stomped on Mundo’s back off a slide and gained control from there for a bit until Mundo landed a kick to the face. Mundo landed some strikes and kicks until Daga returned fire for a couple of his own. Moon got the tag and hit a top rope Frankensteiner from the jump for a two count.
Daga tagged back in and they both hit dropkicks to Mundo in the corner. Daga splashed Moon on Mundo for another two count and they stayed on him the best they could after that. Mundo came back with a springboard corkscrew shoulder block and tagged in Taya who punished Daga for a bit. Daga moved out of the way and Johnny accidentally super-kicked Taya. Moon took the tag and started landing stiff kicks to both Taya and Mundo. Moon looked like she was going to win but as the referee was distracted, PJ Black snuck in the ring and kicked Moon in the side of the head. Taya landed her finisher and won the match. Winners: Johnny Mundo & Taya
After the match, Worldwide Underground celebrated in the ring then suddenly Vibora showed up and destroyed Worldwide Underground with chokeslams, standing moonsault, and a cannonball in the corner. It was quite a nice highlight reel and received a “this is awesome” chant. The rest of the reptiles climbed in the ring and tied Taya and Black’s arms around each other while Moon said that soon Johnny Mundo will call her his queen.
Another Segment:
It looked like a man was hanging from the ceiling and someone was punching him over and over again. We only saw shadows but then Matanza Cueto stepped into a light with light shooting up from the grates below him as Antonio Cueto said that it’s time for his first sacrifice and to follow him.
Third Match:
“Mr. Pec-tacular” Jessie Godderz vs “The Monster” Matanza Cueto: Antonio showed up and said that he was sorry to inform Mr. Pec-tacular that his first singles match in Lucha Underground might be his last. Then he announced that they were going to do something for the first time called the Sacrifice To The Gods. “Guess what,” Antonio said, “You are the sacrifice and the god is my son Matanza Cueto!” Then Matanza went to the ring, no sold a dropkick, and proceeded to destroy Mr. Pec-tacular. Matanza hit a German suplex and another slam. Then he landed a nice spinning slam for the win. It was a very short sacrifice. Winner: “The Monster” Matanza Cueto
Main Event:
Chavo Guerrero vs King Cuerno: Guerrero started this match off before the bell with a dive on Cuerno during his entrance. Chavo took the fight to The Hunter and he pounded him off several things around the ring including railing and a box with the Lucha Underground logo on it. Once they moved back to the ring, Cuerno hit a dropkick off a top rope attack from Chavo. Cuerno missed a running knee in the corner and Chavo returned fire but King Cuerno hit a stiff clothesline off the ropes for a two count. Cuerno lifted Chavo to the floor and went out to follow him. Chavo tried to hit him with a chair but King Cuerno ended up with the chair and he threw it down to use his feet as weapons instead. Chavo lifted Cuerno up and he fell among the fans on the second level. Chavo and Cuerno fought in the fans until Guerrero was kicked down. Then Cuerno landed a high dive off the second level onto Chavo as the crowd busted out into a “lucha” chant.
They moved back to the ring and Cuerno went to the top rope but Chavo kicked his leg and crotched him. Chavo climbed up and landed a superplex for a two count. Chavo took the padding off the top turnbuckle and referee Marty Elias chastised him for it but didn’t get the turnbuckle pad because Chavo tossed it outside. Cuerno stopped Chavo from ramming his head into the exposed turnbuckle and the two traded shots before Cuerno jumped on the apron and climbed to the top rope. He hit a dive into a sunset flip but Chavo rolled through and went to the floor. Cuerno hit a suicide dive on Chavo before making it back to the ring. Chavo almost won with a small package before Cuerno kicked out and got Chavo up in a fireman’s carry. Chavo grabbed Referee Elias and got down before hitting the Three Amigos Suplex combo. Suddenly, King Cuerno hit his finisher and got the win. Winner: King Cuerno
After the match, Cuerno received an Aztec Medallion and he seemed very proud of himself. Lucha Underground goes off the air.

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