Lots Of Weekend TNA News: TNA At WM24, Brother Ray & Cena, Senshi & More

Source: PWinsider.com

— TNA set up a booth outside of the Citrus Bowl that showed a looped video of TNA footage. TNA staff members were giving out TNA t-shirts and postcards to fans as they headed for Wrestlemania. TNA also had a booth directly across the street from Thunder Field, where WWE had set up their final AXXESS event on Sunday.

— Several WWE officials were making fun of TNA’s weak attempt to draw attention to themselves in Orlando. Despite the fact that TNA stars were seen in public with WWE stars, WWE officials were surprised TNA didn’t try something more outlandish.

— Team 3D’s Brother Ray was at the Make-A-Wish event that John Cena appeared at.

— After TNA’s live iMPACT! broadcast on Thursday night, TNA President Dixie Carter, Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels, Homicide, Hernandez, AJ Styles and Jay Lethal took part in a private event set up by Midway Games to show off their upcoming TNA video game. TNA will be in Vegas in April to promote the game.

— Low Ki aka Senshi was backstage visiting at the TNA tapings over the weekend.

— TNA worked hard to make this a special weekend for the fans who attended their iMPACT! tapings. They signed photos and allowed fans to take pictures at ringside in the iMPACT! Zone. TNA also brought several fans backstage during the tapings.

— Thousands of fans were turned away from all three TNA events this weekend.

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