Live Report From TNA Genesis In Charlotte, NC

Reader Ronnie Hartman sent the following off air report from last night’s TNA Genesis pay-per-view in Charlotte, North Carolina:

Now I want to say the arena was about half sold out, the side that the camera was on there was absolutely no body , as in, half the arena not having anyone on it, but that did not stop us from rocking the building. I don’t know if we were as loud on TV, but boy did we sure rock the roof off that building

Before the show went on They came out and told us that they were going to give away free backstage passes to the fans who were the loudest, after that someone came out(not to sure who) and said that they couldn’t do that, that the backstage passes cost 250$ Shark Boy then came out, gave a good promo and stunnerd the guy, and got the crowd hot

We were hot the whole night
Crowd was really behind LAX and Eric Young in the first match, Eric does a very good job at getting the crowd into the action.

The Alex Shelly and Chris Sabin match was amazing, and we gave both men the credit they deserved with a “This is awesome” chant, after the match they tossed us a bone and you could tell they were feeling the atmosphere.

Shane vs Shierk we kinda died down, but Shane did a good job at keeping the crowd into it.

The triple threat tag match was good, it was amazing how over Beer Money was, after the match Morgan and Abyss got into a shoving match, don’t know if it made TV because the start of a segment was playing.

The women’s match everyone went to the bathroom and stuff, the tall dark woman was basically wearing a thong and the side we were on all everyone kept doing was staring at her ass the whole time, like everyone who was sitting around me were talking about it.

But boy did Angle/Double J bring us back and louder than ever. The crowd was seriously 50/50 and I was amazed at how much chants Angle was getting, the back and forth chants were amazing!

Rhino vs Sting, Rhino got no chants, and I felt like sting did an awful job at being heel, and even after the match was bowing to us. Rhino flipped us off like 4 times during the match and you could tell he was a little upset

In the next match you can only imagine the atmosphere, I want to clear up the Kip silence, it’s not that Kip didn’t have any heat (trust me he did) it’s just no one knew who booker said, after he said the name you could almost hear “who” throughout the whole arena.

After the match Foley got on the mic and thanked us, told us he don’t do this to often and he was amazed by the crowd tonight, then Dvon got on the mic and said the same thing, after about 15 minutes of “Thank you Mick” chants they went to the back and we went home.

Throughout the night there were chants of certain sections going “Our section is awesome” clap clap clap, and wow. I would not be surprised if TNA comes back to Charlotte before the year is over, I don’t know how we sounded on TV but we rocked that place!

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