Latest Update on the Injury of Steffanie “Nixon” Newell

After sustaining an ACL tear in her knee last June, WWE developmental wrestler Steffanie Newell, better known as Nixon Newell, is close to returning to action. Dave Meltzer recently addressed her status in a tweet as he replied to a fan asking when Nixon will be back by saying that she should be back fairly soon.
It is said that the injury came shortly after the Welsh grappler reported to the WWE Performance Center last year even without wrestling a single match. Newell appears on a Ask the WWE PC video that WWE posted last Saturday where she reveals the first thing she did after being offered a WWE contract.
Below are the tweets by the fan and Meltzer as well as the Ask the WWE PC video:


@davemeltzerWON any news on Nixon newell and when she’ll be back ?
— A centrist known chris to his friends. (@kingofthecentre) February 17, 2018


Should be fairly soon
— Dave Meltzer (@davemeltzerWON) February 17, 2018


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