Lashley's First TNA Match, WWE Superstars Preview, Shane Douglas Interview

— Tonight on WWE Superstars, we’ll see Christian vs. William Regal, Evan Bourne vs. Jamie Noble and Kane vs. John Morrison.

— Shane Douglas was a guest on the Between The Ropes radio show this week and spoke candidly about his addiction to the strong pain medication Oxycontin. Douglas told host Brian Fritz, “Oxycontin has taken a lot of our brothers to the grave and it should have been me,” Douglas said. “I’m thrilled to say that I that I was able stand up against it… It took me five years to do it. To finally be able to do it and walk away from it and put it behind me…as far as my professional career goes, to me it’s the crowning achievement of my career that I didn’t let it kill me and I didn’t let it put me down and be a permanent mark on me.” You can listen to the entire show at
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— Bobby Lashley made his in-ring debut for TNA Wrestling at Wednesday night’s TV tapings from Orlando. The match will take place on a future episode of iMPACT! and will feature Lashley teaming with Mick Foley against TNA Legends champion Kevin Nash and TNA World champion Kurt Angle. Nash and Angle’s titles will be on the line, so Foley or Lashley could walk away with gold if they pin or submit either champion.

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