Kurt Angle Responds To Dana White's Comments About Him

TNA star Kurt Angle has responded to UFC President Dana White’s weekend statement regarding Angle’s attempt to fight for the UFC.

To recap, Dana White answered questions about Kurt Angle at the UFC Live 6 post-fight press conference on Saturday night. White said Kurt Angle called him several times hoping to compete in the UFC – and he was offered a chance to try out for UFC’s Ultimate Fighter reality show, but Angle couldn’t pass UFC’s medical test.

Despite Kurt Angle’s claims that he had been offered a fight with Kimbo Slice, Dana White put that rumor to rest – stating flat out:

“I never told him, ‘You’re fighting Kimbo Slice on pay-per-view.’ Kurt, you’re a good guy, but that’s not true, and that never happened. I thought it would be interesting, and I thought it would be cool, but never once did I say, ‘We’re going to set up a pay-per-view match with you and Kimbo.’ That is not true.”

Angle responded to Dana White’s weekend comments, tweeting on Monday morning:

“I wish the Some Media stop the untrue Press between Dana White and Myself.Yes, Dana and I Met twice. But We never discussed a Ppv with Kimbo”

“What was talked about between Dana and I are Between Dana and I. I Love Dana and Will not Say things that Were untrue. Just drop It, please”

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(Source: Twitter @AngleFoods1)

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