Kendall and Kylie Jenner Just Designed the Only Sunglasses You’ll Need This Summer

The KarJenners are no longer just that family who you attempt to keep up with every Sunday night on E! They’ve now transitioned into full-blown titans of industry, taking the fashion and beauty world by storm with their endless supply of eternally sold-out products ranging from denim short-shorts to derrière-shaped air fresheners. And the youngest members of krew, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, have cornered the fashion industry with their eponymous Kendall + Kylie line. Now the sisters are branching out into an all-new range of accessories, speaking with PeopleStyle exclusively about why it was important to them to extend their collection into eyewear, the styles they’re loving right now, and which sunnies you need to get your summer started on the right foot.

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Why was eyewear the logical next step for your designs?

Kendall: We wanted to add eyewear to our Kendall+Kylie collection because glasses are a universal element for any wardrobe. They can range in style and cost, so there is always a pair that exists for anyone’s taste and price level.
Kylie: As we expand our Kendall+ Kylie collection we definitely wanted to add eyewear. It’s a huge part of our personal style so we wanted that represented in the collection.

Who did you go to for design feedback when creating the styles?

Kendall: My travels — I see so many different styles of eyewear all over the world that inspired our collection.
Kylie: Vintage photos and social media are great resources as well.

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How do you react when you see fans or people on the street wearing your designs?

Kylie: It’s always so exciting when I see a design we created being embraced and worn by a fan. It’s the motivation for our collection — so they continue to love it! I remember the first time I saw someone wearing a piece from our collection in the mall. I ran up to her and told her how happy it made me. We took a picture together.
Kendall: When one of our family members or friends wears a piece from our collection or posts about it, that’s the best! I know then we are on the right track, they all have great taste.

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Could you even guess how many pairs of sunglasses you have at home? How many you’ve lost over the years?

Kylie: Too many to keep track of or count. I have to have the perfect pair with my outfit, so I have a lot!
Kendall: I often lose sunglasses — I probably have left a pair in every hotel on every continent.

How many pairs do you travel with?

Kylie: Depends on the type of trip and where I am going, it always changes. If it’s to a warm location, about 6 to 8 pairs and for colder climates 2 to 3 pairs. I plan out what styles work with each outfit, so I know I have the whole “look” covered.
Kendall: I usually average 10 pairs when I travel, because I can be gone for long periods of time. I will often wear sunglasses when I’m at the airport or walking around the city, so I want a lot of options.

How do you keep them all organized?

Kylie: I have a large drawer dedicated to them in my closet.
Kendall: So do I and I try to group them by color as well.

What style/shape from your collection is one  every girl really needs?

Kendall: Just one pair? That’s almost impossible, but aviators are a must in any sunglasses collection. Our Jules frames are a cool take on that classic style.
Kylie: A statement pair like our Priscilla Smoke-Tone sunglasses. I don’t think you should play it safe.

What piece did you take home right from the shoot?

Kendall: At the last shoot for Kendall+ Kylie I had to have a pair of the mustard-yellow paperbag sweatpants and this very cool pair of extreme cat-eye sunglasses that will be available soon in our Drop Two collection. Obsessed!
Kylie: I took the lucite boots with me, they go with everything. We can’t keep them in stock!

What do you think of Kendall and Kylie’s new eyewear designs? Which one is your favorite? Are you going to buy a pair? Sound off below!

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