Kay Lee Ray On Her Upcoming NXT UK Women’s Championship Match

WWE NXT UK Superstar, Kay Lee Ray recently spoke with Give Me Sport where she spoke about her upcoming NXT UK Women’s Championship shot against Toni Storm.

On her upcoming title shot:

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“We’ve had the experience of wrestling each other before, and now we’ve got this stage, I can only say that I am going to go for it and I’m going to give everything that I’ve got because I want to walk out Women’s Champion that night,” she said of the match with Storm.

Possibly facing Becky Lynch:

“I would love to just get in the ring with her and see what I can do,” she said. “We’ve never crossed paths before, she’d gone from the scene before I was introduced to it, and she does have a massive target on her back obviously. She’s at the top of the company right now so everybody’s probably saying her name, but it would definitely have to be Becky Lynch.”

On intergender wrestling in WWE:

“As a few people already know I’ve tried my hand at a few intergender matches over the past few years, so I think progressing to something like that would be fantastic,” she said. “I do hope it happens sooner than later and of course the girls are taking stuff just as good as they give so hopefully that happens soon.”

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Give Me Sport

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