Kansas City mayor: I wasn't on the voter rolls at my regular polling station

Kansas City, Mo., Mayor Quinton Lucas (D) says he was turned away from the polling station where he had voted for more than a decade because he suddenly did not appear on voter rolls.

Lucas filmed a video encouraging his constituents to vote in Missouri’s primary on Tuesday but wrote on Twitter that shortly after recording the clip, he was turned away because he wasn’t in the system.

“Even though I’ve voted there for 11 years including for myself four times!” Lucas wrote.


He added that the problem is “not okay” and said he contacted the election director for more information.

“If the mayor can get turned away, think about everyone else… We gotta do better,” Lucas wrote.

He added that he would most likely be returning to the ballot box to vote once the issue was resolved, but noted that “most people don’t have my privilege to come back.”

Kansas City Election Board Democratic Director Lauri Ealom responded on Twitter, saying in a video that the issue was due to human error.

Ealom said the poll worker had accidentally swapped around the mayor’s name and entered his first name as his last.

The Hill has reached out to Lucas’s office for comment.

Missouri is one of the six states holding their Democratic presidential primaries Tuesday, with a collective 352 delegates at stake.

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