Kane Injury Angle On WWE Raw Tonight, Braun Strowman Trains His Partner Alexa Bliss to Flip Cars (Videos)

As seen on WWE Raw tonight, Braun Strowman faced Kane in a Last Man Standing match, and the finish saw Strowman decimate Kane after overturning the announce team stage on top of The Big Red Mahcine As a result, Michael Cole announced Kane was rushed to a “medical facility” following the match, and WWE cameras showed him being stretchered away backstage.

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Wow!! Braun Strowman tipping over the announce desk and part of the stage on top of Kane. (That little bit of red in the bottom middle is Kane’s leg)
A short last man standing match but, it had some good spots.#RAW pic.twitter.com/E1g8PLz9GV

— K-Dogg 3000 (@KDogg3000) January 30, 2018

The announce team have MOVED to ringside as Braun Strowman tipped over the entire stage holding their table on Kane in a #LastManStanding match on #RAW pic.twitter.com/OTNxEBqHPZ

— マシュー Wrestling (@MattWrestles) January 30, 2018

Após a carnificina… #Kane está sendo dirigido a um centro de emergência médico, por conta de uma lesão nas mãos de #BraunStrowman. #RAW pic.twitter.com/n0vuqEQkS8

— WWE Brasil (@meoraquel_) January 30, 2018

ICYMI here’s Braun Strowman assassinating Kane with a table and stage on #Raw https://t.co/XQvxnqY6KC

— Brandon Stroud (@MrBrandonStroud) January 30, 2018

Braun Strowman Trains Alexa Bliss to Lift a Car

In related news, the following video has been released featuring Strowman training his WWE Mixed Match Challenge partner Alexa Bliss to lift a car:

Before competing on Week 3 of WWE Mixed Match Challenge, The Monster Among Men trains Little Miss Bliss using some unusual techniques. Watch WWE Mixed Match Challenge Tuesdays at 10 ET/7 PT, exclusively on Facebook Watch.

.@BraunStrowman​ has an interesting strategy in helping his partner @AlexaBliss_WWE​ build muscle ahead of this week’s #WWEMMC! pic.twitter.com/bDluWqJDAA

— WWE (@WWE) January 30, 2018

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