Kacy Catanzaro On Triple H Thinking She Has Heel Potential, the Most Difficult Part of Transitioning to a Career in WWE

WWE Mae Young Classic star Kacy Catanzaro recently spoke with ESPN and below are some interview highlights.

On the most difficult part of transitioning to a career in WWE:

There are so many things about wrestling… that your body has trained itself it’s whole life not to do. Everything that you do in a wrestling match is something that your body doesn’t want to do. Your body doesn’t want to take these huge falls or jump off the top of a ring, these things that you never thought that you would be doing. It’s been this really cool but difficult thing to train my body to learn all of the amazing aspects that this sports entertainment business is, but it’s been really hard.

On Triple H being quoted as saying she has heel potential and if she is ready to be a heel in WWE:

I remember that quote from Paul as well. Before I arrived here and I didn’t know much about it, people asked me if I would be a babyface and I was like “Yeah, I’m sure I’ll be a face because I’m nice and Paul said to me, “I think I’m nice, but I made a lot of my career by being a heel”.

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I think it would be really fun [to be a heel]. Honestly, for me, I feel like there’s so many times that you have those moments where that heel wants to come out of you in normal life, but you decide to be a good person so you don’t let it come out. I feel like I have those moments a lot, and I’ll know these are my two choices. I could flip out on this person or I could be the bigger person and walk away. Walking away is what I usually try and choose, but I think it would be fun to be in a situation where I could choose the other one and to be a little bit “heelish.”

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