John Cena Sr. Talks About Banks and Others

John Cena’s father, John Cena Sr. recently spoke with Boston Wrestling Sports on a number of topics. Cena Sr. is a heel manager in the New England Wrestling scene and has seen many stars over the years go on to bigger things in the WWE and elsewhere.
He spoke about Sasha Banks quite a bit, especially since Banks learned the trade in the New England wrestling scene. She made comments recently about how she and others never know what is going on with their storylines from week to week but it NXT there is always a plan in place. Cena said that he thinks that the WWE brings people up to the main roster from NXT to early and that these kids need to pay their dues to get where they think they should be. He says that if Sasha is unhappy, she should talk to her boss not say things like that in public.
When asked about Banks’ injuries Cena had this to say:

“If she has got what it takes to make it work, then use it while you have it. I’m not a fan of Charlotte Flair’s, I’ll be right upfront with you. Alexa Bliss, what does she got? The looks and the body, that’s about it. You know what? I’m gonna stop because I’m going to get myself in trouble.”
He also spoke on Shinsuke Nakamura, calling him “Mister Nakemoku” or “Whatever he is.” He also added that  “all I know is sushi is good.” The interview can be found here:


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