Jim Ross Comments On Chris Jericho's Incident In Brazil

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross appeared on Sports Talk 1400 radio in Norman, Oklahoma on Friday and commented on Chris Jericho’s “indefinite suspension” from WWE.

Here’s what Jim Ross said about Chris Jericho’s actions:

“He was playing the part of a wrestling villain in an entertainment based entity,” Ross said.

“It’s not like he was at a sporting event like soccer and disrespected the flag, but rules are rules and they have strict rules regarding the flag in their company… He’s playing a character, did an ad lib, and unfortunately he stepped over the line for the local culture, so he’s been suspended indefinitely and hopefully it will work out.”

Jericho was nearly arrested on Thursday night after denigrating the Brazilian flag during his match with CM Punk at WWE’s first-ever event from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

* VIDEO of CHRIS JERICHO’s Incident In BRAZIL From Last Night

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