Jim Ross Blog: Tonight's RAW, CM Punk Rumors, Filming For WWE Network & More

The following are highlights from the latest Jim Ross blog:

On his “Ringside” shows this past weekend: “My sincere thanks to all the great people who helped make RINGSIDE: An Evening with Jim Ross in NYC a success. We had great crowds at the Gramercy Theater and everyone seemed to have fun. This is a new project for me and one that I’m endeavoring to make better every time out.”

“I know that we will never be able to make everyone happy but I remain diligent to do the best shows that I possibly can.”

On tonight’s RAW: “Should be an interesting RAW tonight from Chicago as it relates to continuing to build WM30. I’m still of the belief that the full card and the ongoing creative for WM30 will remain fluid through the last RAW of the build to the biggest event of the year in WWE.”

“Obviously, many fans are speculating that CM Punk will be back on RAW Monday night from his hometown in Chicago. Whether Punk is back or not, if I’m WWE I’m embracing the opportunity to produce a three hour show in front of one of the most passionate and enthusiastic audiences in the world.”

“Just let things unfold as they will and roll with it, would be my suggestion. To over think how any crowd will or won’t respond is fruitless to my way of thinking. If WWE tries to lead the audience, I’m thinking that will be a mistake.”

On shooting footage for the Paul Heyman DVD and the WWE Network: “Spent approximately three hours doing the Paul Heyman DVD interview in Stamford on Thursday plus some other really cool, WWE Network interviews.”

Check out the complete blog at JRsBarBQ.com.

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