Jim Ross Blog: RAW From Brooklyn, The Rock, Ambrose & Reigns

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog, which you can read in its entirety at JRsBarBQ.com. Here are some highlights of what JR said about last night’s RAW from Brooklyn, New York:

Dean Ambrose: “Roman Reigns untimely hernia issue has been a boost to Dean Ambrose who has been provided the opportunity to shine and has largely taken advantage of the opportunity and has maximized his minutes. The veteran of the indy circuit has ‘something’ that is connecting with the fans. Those intangible qualities generally can’t be taught and are often referred to as have “it.” Ambrose has ‘it.'”

The Rock’s Return: “Ambrose, as it relates to the regular’s, stole the show but the surprising return/cameo of The Rock stole the show. It was well known that Rock was going to be in NYC today and it did not shock me that he made the RAW appearance because he genuinely loves performing in front of a live audience.”

Roman Reigns Interview: “The Roman Reigns interview was well intended but came off as ‘let’s hurry and get Roman back on TV’ than any thing else. No viable info was provided that I recall as it certainly seems that Roman is still being fast tracked. I feel that it was a good decision to not have Reigns do his promo live from the ring. “

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