Jim Ross Blog: Booking Reigns/Sheamus At TLC, Mysterio/Lucha Underground

WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross updated his blog at JRsBarBQ.com with his thoughts on tonight’s WWE TLC pay-per-view, last night’s UFC 194 pay-per-view and a couple of other topics. Below are some of the highlights.

On his thoughts on the WWE Title being in a “fragile” state and what to do with Roman Reigns and Sheamus at WWE TLC tonight:

“The WWE Title is being rebuilt. It’s in a fragile state and needs continuity and stability. Does that mean Sheamus keeps it whereby he is then made to become much hotter in upcoming weeks or does WWE pull the trigger on this one and go with Reigns at TLC? It’s hard for Reigns to win, one would assume, with all of Sheamus’ cronies in the building or one could logically think.

The Authority and Reigns mutually embracing the WWE Title win on Monday’s RAW interests me and also allows Roman to get on a fresh roll leading into Wrestlemania Texas. Force feeding a ‘face to today’s fans has an obvious backlash affect of which Reigns is battling to overcome.

There are two ways to go and I’d say it’s most likely that the show ends with a modicum of heat and Sheamus retaining with some timely help.

If I were booking, I’d flip the switch to Reigns and give him the Authority rub beginning on Monday Night RAW while building him aggressively to April 3 at AT&T Stadium.”

On Rey Mysterio joining Lucha Underground:

“Happy for Rey Mysterio joining Lucha Underground and hopefully this lighter schedule will help Rey better cope with his lingering knee issues.”

On Daniel Bryan’s recent comments about his WWE career possibly being over:

“My take on the Daniel Bryan injury situation hasn’t changed on the little info that I know about DB’s physical status. I would not allow Bryan back in a WWE ring until WWE Dr. Joe Maroon clears him. Safety first.”

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