Jeff Hardy Talks Leaving WWE In 2009 Due to Pain Pill Abuse, Matt Hardy On Why They Felt They Needed to Use Pills

During the latest WWE 24: Woken, Matt, and Jeff Hardy go into detail about their pain pill addiction, with Jeff discussing why he left WWE in 2009.

In the documentary, Matt Hardy talks about the pain pill addiction that both men suffered from, being incredibly real and honest.

“It’s almost like we felt we needed the assistance of a pain pill or a muscle relaxer in order to perform at the level we felt we should be at. Obviously, that became an issue.”

Within the show, various other WWE talents are used to give their thoughts and opinions, including Big Show who spoke about Jeff Hardy’s health at the time.

“I could see it on his face, he was in pain.”

Jeff also spoke about the pain pill situation, which ultimately led to him leaving the company back in 2009.

“I was abusing the pain medication. I don’t blame wrestling for it, I blame myself, completely. I left WWE back in ’09 because I was taking way too much.”

You can check out the full documentary on the WWE Network.

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