Jazz Talks Being Released From WWE, Her Battles With Trish Stratus, Wanting To Join IMPACT, More

Former WWE Superstar, Jazz recently spoke with After Buzz TV about a range of topics, including why she wants to join IMPACT. Below are some highlights with a H/T to PWInsiderXtra.com.

On being released from WWE:

“They called us to the back and said, “we were wrestling too much like men.” And I thought, well that’s the end of my career. (If you were blonde hair and blue eyes, do you think you would still be with the company?) If I wasn’t in the company, I would be apart of the company. Because right now today, I still have no clue of why I was released. I’m champion one day and released the next day.”

Her battles with Trish Stratus:

“Trish and I had a phenomenal feud. I mean she was the type of person that no matter what I put on her she got her ass back up and we did our thing. She was great at taking that ass whopping.”

Wanting to join IMPACT:

“If there is a company I would like to be a part of, it would be Impact. Because it’s a smaller company, there are not 100 girls in the back fighting for a spot and it seems like they are more family oriented. It reminds me of ECW. It’s not a billion dollar company but everyone there is happy and seems to love their job and love working with one another. Teamwork makes the dream work.”

Her thoughts on intergender wrestling:

“I love it. The thing is, that is how I started; there weren’t any other women when I first started so I had to wrestle the guys. Then when I got thrown into the mix with ECW, there weren’t any girls for me to wrestle… so they threw me out there to the wolves and I had to make it work.”

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