J.R's Wrestling Wish For 2009, Victoria & Natalya Not Pretty Enough?, Trish Stratus

— Jim Ross has posted a new blog on his website talking about exchanging text messages with Ric Flair, what he did on New Year’s Eve, his most memorable wrestling moment of 2008, doing two SmackDown tapings in one night, and more. Ross also revealed his professional wish for the new year. Ross wrote: “My biggest professional wish in 2009 is to see many of the second generation and other new wrestlers, new meaning that they have only been in the biz a year or two, step up, become more aggressive, assert themselves in every level of their professional process and thus become new, main event stars. The development of new stars is the most important thing the business has to deal with from my point of view.” You can read his latest blog at the following link.

— MyNetworkTV’s running a new commercial promoting the WWE Divas of SmackDown, calling them “the most glamorous women on television,” not to mention “beautiful, desirable and dangerous.” Maryse, Michelle McCool, Maria, Eve Torres, and The Bella Twins are featured in the commercial. The two SmackDown Divas not shown in the commercial — Victoria and Natalya. Back in October, MyNetworkTV ran a similar commercial promoting the Divas of SmackDown with both Victoria & Natalya getting the red-headed stepchild treatment in that one too. Alicia Fox was featured in the original commercial over them even though she had barely been featured in WWE by that point.

— Trish Stratus posted a blog on the WWE Universe site wishing everyone a happy new year. “I just wanted to send out my wishes to everyone in the wwe universe – I hope everyone had a wonderful year and will enter the new year full of dreams, aspirations, and hope,” Stratus wrote. “Here’s to a successful, inspired and joyful 2009!” {Happy New Year!}

See pics from Trish’s WWE return last week (>>)

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