Impact Wrestling: Hard To Kill Results – Sami Callihan vs Tessa Blanchard, The North Defend, Ken Shamrock in Action

Impact Wrestling: Hard To Kill
January 12, 2019

Ken Shamrock vs. Madman Fulton (w/ Dave & Jake Crist)

Shamrock went for an early flying armbar, but Fulton simply hoisted him up and slammed him down on the mat to break it up. Shamrock tried again but instead caught the big man in a heel hook, grapevining the leg, but he was able to rather easily roll into the ropes to break the hold again. Frustrated, the UFC legend just started throwing bones left and right, taking Fulton into the ropes and sending him out to the floor. He followed with a surprisingly impressive suicide dive, Fulton grabbed him out of the air, but Shamrock wriggled free and delivered a series of knee lifts to the jaw. Jake Crist went after him, but ate a right hook for his trouble.

The Crists continued to get involved, distracting Shamrock but the referee got wise to it and promptly ejected the brothers from ringside. Fulton still used the advantage to bully his opponent for several minutes with big slams and suplexes, to the point where Shamrock barely had any sauce behind his punches. He went for a chokeslam, but Shamrock caught him in a cross armbar on the way down! He wrenched on the hold and Fulton screamed, clutching at his shoulder. The ref backed Ken off to check on things, and there’s a visible bump in the shoulder. He claimed it’s broken but he still wanted to fight. Shamrock was telling the ref to call the match, knowing he had seriously injured the guy, but Fulton refused to quit. He charged the corner and Shamrock put him back down with an armbar, and the big man was forced to tap out.

Winner: Ken Shamrock

X-Division Championship Match
Ace Austin (c) vs. Trey Miguel

Trey went OFF on the champion as soon as the bell rang, rushing the corner with a big spear before delivering wild rights and lefts. His mom was shown sitting in the front row, as he delivered a neckbreaker and continued raining down punches. Ace escaped to the outside and baited his opponent in, hitting him with stiff kicks to the body and legs, and a suplex on the floor.

Ace dragged Trey in front of his mom and started delivering loud chops across the chest, before drilling him with a knee strike. Trey fights back with forearm strikes, ducks a lariat and tries for a Matrix kick, but Austin side steps and turns him out with a superkick. The two went back and forth trading counter for counter. Trey kept trying for double stomps and hook kicks, Ace kept ducking and continued to go after the knee, creating an injury.

The champion completely dominated from here, kicking away at the knee and connecting with the Bang-a-Rama. Ace locked in a half crab on the injured knee, and Trey started screaming out in pain and was nearly in tears by the time he got to the ropes to break it up. Trey’s mom led the crowd in a comeback clap and the challenger finally hit the backflip double foot stomp. He hit a Tiger Feint Kick and leapt back into the ring, applying what I believe was a modified Dragon Sleeper.

Ace got his foot on the ropes to break the hold but was immediately hit with the Flatliner for a two-count. The two ended up battling in the corner and Trey hit a Cheeky Nandos Kick. He set up for a 450 (maybe?) but Austin kicked the ropes and attacked the injured knee. Trey hit the mat hard, and the champion was on him right away with The Fold. It’s over.

Winner & Still Champion: Trey Miguel

After the match Ace Austin went over to the corner and started fliring with Trey’s mom, as she screamed at him. Trey ran back down the ramp and jumped him, delivering a flurry of rights and lefts until a hoard of security came out to separate the two.


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