Identity Of TNA's 'Andromeda' Character, Jacqueline Praised By Fellow Knockout

— As reported earlier, the TNA website is teasing a new wrestler by the name of “Andromeda.” The front page of the website features a galaxy-themed graphic titled “Andromeda.” The caption of the image reads: “ANDROMEDA: A New Era….A Unique Superstar…Coming Soon To TNA Wrestling.” In an update, the character will be played by lucha libre star Casandro, according to You can see a photo and read a brief interview (in Spanish) with the new TNA wrestler at the following link.

— SplatterTribe.TV recently conducted an interview with TNA Knockout Sojournor Bolt. In the interview, she talks about her journey in wrestling, the highs and lows of the business, TNA, and more. She also has heavy praise for fellow Knockout Jacqueline.

“Miss Jacqueline is the most veteran women’s wrestler today,” Bolt said. “She is like a national treasure, ok. And that is one thing that is lacking in female wrestling is veterans and we are so lucky to have her on our roster. I mean we all want to know what we can do to make the product better and who’s better to talk to than someone who’s been there, done that. She’s done everything. She’s a total trailblazer as far as women wrestling and I’ve always looked up to here even as a black female in wrestling. There’s not very many of us and the fact that TNA has 5 black women on their roster is amazing. So, Miss Jacqueline is definitely, I would even say, one of my heroes.”

Click here to read the interview.

— Prior to this Sunday’s Destination X pay-per-view, the TNA website will hold a countdown pre-show. Lauren will have backstage exclusive interviews with the TNA stars before they compete. Click here for more information.

See photo of the *NEW* TNA Knockout (>>)

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