Hulk Hogan On Who in WWE First Reached Out to Him Over a Year After He Was Ousted From the Company

As noted, WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan appeared the “The Apter Chat” podcast to give his first interview since he was reinstated into the WWE Hall of Fame. During the appearance, Hogan discussed getting “kicked out of wrestling” following the racist remarks he made years ago which got him removed from WWE and its Hall of Fame.

“When I got kicked out of the wrestling business, it was like, I didn’t think I could recover”, admitted Hogan. “And what people don’t realize, is when you get kicked out of the wrestling business, for the reason I did, for the racial remarks, there’s a huge ripple effect. Your phone doesn’t ring, people that you thought were your friends sometimes it’s a hard time talking to them or seeing them, or they just disappear. Getting work, or your phone ringing, it just doesn’t happen, so, that was just the small stuff. The big stuff for me was to be kicked out of wrestling. Are you kidding me? Something that I love, it was like tearing my heart out of my chest. So I just had to tell you guys it was one of the toughest things that ever happened.

“Radio silence for the first year and half,” Hulk Hogan continued. “And then out of nowhere, Triple H reached out to me. ‘Hey man, I hope you’re doing good’. I can’t remember the text but it was something along these lines like ‘I hope you’re doing well, at least the best you can.’ Which meant he was concerned about me. And that was really cool because when he was hanging out with DX and they were doing their thing, and he worked at WCW, I was so busy running around with my own problems, and my family and my ex-wife and stuff, I didn’t really get to know too many of the young guys.”

You can listen to the entire podcast in the link below.

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