Hogan Jobs In Arm-Wrestling Match With Mayor, Updated BFG Series Standings

-Following this week’s TNA Impact Wrestling broadcast, here are your updated TNA Bound For Glory Series standings:

–Magnus (39 points)
–Bobby Roode (34 points)
–Christopher Daniels (30 points)
–Austin Aries (28 points)
–Samoa Joe (26 points)
–Jeff Hardy (24 points)
–Mr. Anderson (24 points)
–AJ Styles (22 points)
–Kazarian (22 points)
–Joseph Park (17 points)
–Hernandez (7 points)
–Jay Bradley (0 points)

-Hulk Hogan did a job in Toronto today, taking a dive in a publicity arm-wrestling match with Mayor Rob Ford that was set up to promote Hogan’s “Uncensored” Fan Expo in the area this weekend.

CTV in Canada covered the happening, and put a piece up on their website about it, along with a video of the big showdown. You can check that out online at CTVNews.ca.

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