Goldberg Discusses His Match With The Undertaker: “I Feel Like A Failure”

During the latest WWE Chronicle, the cameras followed along with Goldberg and his recent return to the company as he faced The Undertaker and Dolph Ziggler.

Within the excellent documentary, the WWE Hall Of Famer touched on his infamous match against The Undertaker at WWE SuperShow Down.

“I put way too much stock in what happened that night, and the reality is you’re only as good as your next match and I wasn’t going to let that be my last one. It never was going to be anyway. Things aren’t always going to happen the way you planned them out to happen.

“I didn’t pick a weight up when I got back from Saudi Arabia for three and a half weeks, it’s been 20 years since I’ve done that. I didn’t do anything, then a week and a half later I get a phone call, so just imagine mentally where I am with that. It’s a blessing and it’s a curse. It’s a blessing because I keep my level high and it’s a curse because if I don’t get it right then I am a failure. I nitpick everything, I hold myself to a very high standard and rightfully so. It’s harder the older you get, but it can be done.

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“I feel like a failure and that’s not me. Nobody, whether you love me or hate me is going to critique my performance more stringently than I am, so nobody can say anything about my performance to the pain that I put myself through. It’s nothing but self-inflicted misery, emanating from that evening.”

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