GFW's Rosemary Suffers Arm Injury at AAA TripleMania in a Shoot Incident

— GFW’s Rosemary reportedly suffered an arm/elbow injury at the recent AAA Triplemania event in Mexico City after one of her fellow competitors, Sexy Star, locked in a legit cross armbar submission.

— The initial fear was that Rosemary’s elbow may have been dislocated, but after further tests, her injuries were not as serious as originally thought and she may not miss much action at all.

— The incident occurred during the Reina de Reinas match between Rosemary, Sexy Star, Lady Shani and Ayako Hamada. According to reports, the ladies were pretty much shooting and “beating each other up” with Star in the middle, presuming that the other three ladies were “after her.” She then ended up locking in the armbar legitimately to end the match.

— Afterwards, Star was brought to Rosemary to apologize, but it nonetheless left many GFW talent and officials furious with Jeff Jarrett reportedly yelling at Star and AAA’s Vampiro. Furthermore, Lady Shani was looking to continue the fight backstage, which caused officials to remove Star from the arena.

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