Former WWE Diva Attempts To Fake-Out The Media With Fake Mugging Story

WWE Hall Of Famer and former WWE Diva Tammy “Sunny” Sytch recently attempted to set up “dirt sheet” writers and pro wrestling websites by posting a fake story on her official Facebook account about being mugged recently. became aware of the attempted fake-out, so we skipped the story. Sytch recently gloated, however, about those who did bite, writing the following status on her Facebook account today:

“Soooooo my plan worked!! Every time I put a status on facebook, every wrestling website writer copies it and posts it as their status!! WELL, I guess I got the best of them this time! For the past two days Ive been making up the craziest crap, just to see if they post it as factual news, without checking the facts first!! And yep! They did! Isnt it sad that these “journalists” have no real skills for actual reporting other than copying bogus social media status updates!! Reminds me of a couple years ago, when I said “one of the TNA knockouts was expecting”..remember that??? Yep, I made that one up too to see if they’d run with it… So FANS, Im sorry i had to include you all on this charade, but I DIDNT get mugged, NOR am I adopting a child from Cambodia. And WRITERS, maybe you’ll think twice before you copy my statuses again…it just makes you look gullible and STUPID that you jump on things BELIEVING you have the newest BIG SCOOP, when in actuality, you have nonsense that just makes you look pathetic…… SOOO, stop whacking off, get out of Mommy’s basement, and get a REAL JOB!!! AND FOR ONCE, GIVE US PERFORMERS OUR PRIVACY!!!! HAHAHAHAAH! Ohhhh that was fun!”

It should be noted that Sytch complained that people picked up a previous status about “what she looks for in a boyfriend,” but did not pick up on her mugging status. Once people did pick up the mugging post, after complaining that no one would, she posted the aforementioned status bragging about how she “got them.”

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