Flip Gordon Teases WWE Move, Davey Boy Smith Jr. Open To A Lesnar Match, Rosenberg Wants To Induct Mark Henry

Current Ring Of Honor star, Flip Gordon, has been teasing a potential move to WWE on social media with an exchange between him and a top WWE Superstar.

A video was shared online of Gordon at an independent show over the weekend where he got the entire crowd to start a “Rusev Day” chant and the man himself saw it.

Rusev simply stated ‘Sign him WWE,’ which led to Gordon teasing the possibility by stating that his contract expires soon.

Well my current contract is almost up 😉 https://t.co/iIbr2D4W0v

— Flip Gordon (@TheFlipGordon) March 19, 2018

Davey Boy Smith Jr. Open To A Brock Lesnar Match

A fan tweeted former WWE Superstar, Davey Boy Smtih Jr. stating they would love to see a Brock Lesnar match with Smith. He simply stated that it would be a great match.

That would be a great match 👍🤜🤛💪 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 🇬🇧 https://t.co/Xa3FfZBc3q

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— Davey Boy Smith Jr. (@DBSmithjr) March 19, 2018

Peter Rosenberg On Potentially Inducting Mark Henry

After yesterday’s spoilers revealed that Mark Henry will be entering the WWE Hall Of Fame this year, and Henry’s close friend and WWE kick-off panelist, Peter Rosenberg was asked about potentially being the one to induct him at the ceremony. Rosenberg simply stated that he wishes he could.

I wish! https://t.co/eQE8wUPMGk

— Peter Rosenberg (@Rosenbergradio) March 19, 2018

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