Even More Backstage Details on Enzo Amore's Heat; Cena/Nakamura Finish Last Week

— As we reported earlier today, Enzo Amore seems to be experiencing a ton of backstage heat for his recent conduct. Apart from the incidents involving being kicked off the team bus, being barred from changing in the wrestlers’ lockerroom, as well as a Twitter rant by a stripper which “embarrassed” the company and bragging about how much he makes in the business, Sports Illustrated is reporting that Amore also has heat for some uninvited backstage guests:

Amore is guilty of bringing a series of questionable guests into the locker room. The visitors broke locker room etiquette by filming and taking pictures of the wrestlers. The talent in the WWE believe that Amore–who is 30-year-old Eric Arndt–should know better.

— Many WWE officials believe Amore is headed down a “path of complete failure”, especially because Vince McMahon was never high on him from the very beginning – McMahon reportedly thought of Amore as a huge joke and got a kick out of making him look a fool on TV – and now that he is no longer teaming up with Cass, the writing seems to be on the wall for his future.

— According to backstage reports, it was indeed John Cena who convinced the company to let Shinsuke Nakamura pin him clean in the middle of the ring last week at Smackdown. The original plan was that Cena would still lose, but it would have been due to inadvertent interference from Baron Corbin. It was unclear whether the new finish was a booking change ordered by Vince McMahon or Cena’s call and we can now confirm it was the latter.

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