Eric Bischoff's Past Comments Slamming Total Nonstop Action Wrestling

As noted this afternoon, Eric Bischoff is reportedly joining Total Nonstop Action Wrestling alongside the one and only Hulk Hogan. His apparent arrival in the organization comes as a bit of surprise considering he has been quite critical of the organization in recent years. Time and time again, the former Vice President of World Championship Wrestling has labeled the organization as a minor league operation and questioned its creative direction. More recently, Bischoff told The Sun this past February that him nor Hogan were interested in joining TNA.

“It’s a small organization that doesn’t have very much vision,” Bischoff said.

Likely targeting Vince Russo, Bischoff added he wouldn’t want to work with people in the creative process “that couldn’t get a job in WWE or shouldn’t have had a job in WCW.”

Bischoff continued: “There’s no vision for that company. They are people who have never been to the dance. They’ve never been a part, really, of any of the decision-making processes that led to the success of the industry. Some of them happen to have been working there while other people did it, but have never really done it for themselves. They just don’t have the feel for it. So that’s the reason we wouldn’t want to be there.”

To read the interview in its entirety, click here.

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