Eric Bischoff Talks About Starting A New Promotion, Knocks WWE, Vince and Flair

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Eric Bischoff joins the show and tells the guys how he’s doing and talks a little about Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling. He says he is very happy with how its going and says the show is getting good numbers and good reviews.

The guys ask will there be a season two. Eric says hopefully because everyone seems happy with how the first season went. He also says he learned a lot from doing the show from a production standpoint, as there has never been a show like it before so he had to learn quickly.

Jack asks which celebrity surprised him the most or could any of them have worked in WCW. Eric says not really, maybe Butterbean because of his size. When it came to surprising him he says Todd Bridges looked like he had no heart or passion but all of a sudden he got into it and showed a great natural athletic ability.

On the rumors of Celebrity Championship Wrestling becoming a promotion, Eric says he heard the rumors but wouldn’t set up a promotion with celebrities, but maybe with wrestlers because he missed the creating of a promotion.

Regarding Dustin Diamond, Eric says he has an extreme respect for the business and is a student of pro wresting and knows the history inside out which surprised him.

Caller Jason asks what would he change about WWE’s current product. Eric says he doesn’t have time to watch it but he wouldn’t change much as its very hard to come up with new stuff today, especially when he and Vince McMahon did it all. But he loves reality based storylines as opposed to Vince’s humor, which Eric says made him like a 19 year-old executive who laughs at fart jokes. Eric would love to see something done with the cruiserweights. He feels they should stand out from the bigger guys with more athletic moves like he had them do in WCW.

On WWE, Eric says there is a lot of politics there just like in any wrestling promotion but the WWE have a more sophisticated politics than anywhere else. There are certain people there who don’t want guys to do more athletic moves because it would make them look bad.

Regarding Ric Flair calling the NWO the worst faction of all time, Eric says he didn’t hear it but asked if they are worse because they changed the history of pro wrestling or because Ric Flair wasn’t in the NWO.

Eric also says the only thing that came close to having an impact like the NWO, was Hulkamania or Vince taking WWE national.

A question from the message board was who is a bigger pain in the ass Brutus Beefcake or Brian Knobbs. Eric says both are actually really good men, Brian was the first wrestler he met when he started in 1987 and they became friends, they have hit rough patches over the years but he is actually looking at a TV project that will star Brian Knobbs.

Finally a caller asks Eric what his favorite match of all time was. Eric says there have been lots over the years he couldn’t pick just one. He loved Nick Bockwinkel matches and also Curt Henning, and loved the Bash at the Beach where Hulk Hogan turned heel.

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