Ember Moon Talks Why She Joined WWE, The Importance Of NXT In The Women’s Evolution & Her Feud With Asuka

WWE Raw Superstar, Ember Moon recently spoke with the folks at Inside The Ropes ahead of WWE Evolution regarding why she joined the company and the importance of NXT in the evolution for women’s wrestling.

On joining WWE to tell stories:

“I think coming from the indies, on the independent scene you don’t get many stories especially as women, you are the special oddity like “oh, look the girls are coming,” as much as that sucks to say we took advantage with every opportunity we had. I wanted an opportunity to tell stories, sometimes just knowing how to wrestle isn’t enough. The Asuka storyline was a weird self vs self-type angle and it was awesome, it was what I craved for to be able to show I could tell a story. It put me on the map, especially after Brooklyn 3, I finally proved myself to the crowd and it didn’t have anything to do with what I did in the ring.”

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The importance of NXT in the women’s evolution:

“I remember watching before I got signed the first ever Takeover which was Paige vs Emma and I remember thinking that match was awesome, “that will never happen again” but then time and time again NXT was putting these women on a pedestal and showcasing them without restrictions. It shows how times have changed and it’s awesome, but as that was happening in NXT, in the independents it was happening more, you had Shimmer and Shine and these amazing companies that were like “oh, we need to catch up with WWE.”

On having unfinished business with Asuka:

“I think Asuka and I will be fighting forever, I love that I have unfinished business with Asuka, it gives the NXT audience more of a reason to watch what is happening on Raw and SmackDown, I love that.”

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