Ember Moon Calls Out Dana Brooke For Stealing Her Move

Ember Moon has taken to Twitter this week to call out Dana Brooke for ‘stealing’ one of her moves, telling her to be more original instead.

Brooke had shared the clip of her doing the move, claiming it was a new skill for her until Ember responded by claiming that she does it.

Is it…… Pretty sure I do that… https://t.co/xAnEomHPLk

— Ember Moon (@WWEEmberMoon) July 5, 2019

Brooke then fired back herself, stating that Moon hasn’t exactly been on TV much herself to show her ‘skills,’ adding that it is a suplex, adding that she thought all the women could do that if they wanted.

Sweeti don’t act like you’ve been on tv all that much to show ur “skills”… ITS a SUPLEX hunny.. didn’t know you claimed that.. I’m pretty sure all the women could do it if they wanted! ✌🏼 Someone salty 😏 focus on @WWE_MandyRose & @SonyaDevilleWWE 1st

— Dana Brooke WWE (@DanaBrookeWWE) July 6, 2019

Ember then responded once again, questioning how many matches that Brooke has had, stating that instead of using her moveset, she should be original. Moon stated that she takes pride in her work and isn’t salty, but it angry.

That's funny …. How long have you been on main roster and how many matches have you had… All I am saying is that instead of dipping in our moveset be original… I know you are capable of it.

I take pride in what I do.. Not Salty but Angry. You would to if I did the same

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— Ember Moon (@WWEEmberMoon) July 6, 2019

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