Dustin Rhodes Reveals Who He Believes Is The Future Of AEW, Talks Coaching The Women

AEW’s Dustin Rhodes recently spoke with SportsKeeda.com where he discussed his role as a coach for the company in great detail.

“Here in AEW, I look forward to going to work every single week because I coach the girls, me and Brandi and Kia [Awesome Kong] and Kenny Omega. I hold this training session every Wednesday with the girls,” revealed Rhodes. “I’m a backstage producer and coaching for promos, teaching these kids how to talk on camera and to get them comfortable with a camera in their face because some of them have never had the television experience. So, it’s a learning experience for them and also I had to have a little patience with them because this is their first time doing it and I love to teach so I consider AEW and these kids, they are kind of my kids, man. I love them.

“And to see them shine, to see and get better, to see them progress in our company, AEW, it’s great, it’s a great feeling for me. I think they like me, I love being there, I love to help and I also have to still say relevant myself – with my character, Dustin Rhodes, coming back full-circle to where it used to be, just a little bit different and giving it my last full attention here for the next few years as far as Dustin Rhodes is concerned in a wrestling ring.”

Dustin also spoke about his own wrestling career, revealing that he plans to compete inside the ring for a few more years yet.

“I’m not done. I’ve got a few years left and I’m looking forward to it but what I really like doing is teaching these kids, man, because they are a sponge, man. They soak it up and they love it, and they’re all very passionate and hungry about this AEW venture that we are on, man,” said Rhodes. “We’re knocking it out of the park every single week. We’re doing some amazing, compelling TV and it’s fun to watch.”

Rhodes also revealed who he believes will be a future star in the company.

“I like a lot of people. I like just about everybody. We have such a good group of kids, but I mean, if you’re looking around in our locker room in All Elite, you’ve got… Oh, man, a new up-and-comer, who not a lot of people know and they are starting to get to know now is MJF. He is really something special on the mic, and we haven’t seen too much of his ring ability yet but he’s good. He’s really good. I like his style,” said Rhodes.

“Unfortunately he stabbed my brother in the back so I take that kind of personal when you’re messing with family. But as far as him being something special and big in this business, I think he’s going to be.”

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