Drew Galloway On Cody Rhodes/WWE, Negative Reports About TNA & More

TNA star Drew Galloway recently appeared as a guest on Interactive Wrestling Radio and spoke about a number of topics. Below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On what it means to be TNA World Champion:

“It means the absolute world to be in this position. I’ve been fortunate enough to win a few titles, or actually a lot of titles across the world… I think 7 or 8 total in 7 or 8 countries and defended them across the world to have them recognized as World Titles. But, to actually win the (TNA) World Title itself and be in that position and be able to take it around the world and to actually be the first traveling World Champion since Ric Flair… I’m living the dream right now and I’m very proud to represent the company.”

On what to expect from his match with “The Destroyer” Bobby Lashley at TNA Slammiversary:

“Violence! Bobby Lashley, you’ve got a different breed of man. I’m 6’5, 260 myself and wrestle an aggressive style myself. But then you’ve got someone who is bigger than me, faster than me, stronger than me… The only person that does professional wrestling and MMA at the same time and remains undefeated in MMA, actually. There’s nobody quite like Bobby Lashley. No matter how hard I hit him, he hits back harder! No matter what I come up with, he’ll try and choke me out – tape me out. He’ll literally have to break my arm to get me to submit. He’ll literally have to knock me out, knock me unconscious to win this title. That’s the only way you can win in this match! Knockout or submission.”

On the heels of Cody Rhodes leaving WWE because he just wanted to be himself, how important is it that TNA lets Drew be Drew?:

“It means everything. In the history of wrestling, generally the most successful characters are when people are playing themselves or an extension of themselves. Then, in the end, if you’re presented that opportunity, your success lies on you and your failure lies on you. If it fails, you can say “Well, I was myself. I did what I believe. It didn’t work.” And if it succeeds, I would rather have it on my back and at the end of the day, I can look at myself and say “All right, I gave it my all and it worked.” That’s the opportunity TNA gave me. I also played a serious character in WWE, won a couple titles. I also worked a comedy character, showed a different side of myself with 3MB. I got to show a different side of myself… Had some fun! But, when I left the company, I just wanted to be myself and see what I could do. Thanks to people giving me the ball and allowing me to score and then TNA telling me, “We’re bringing you in to be Drew Galloway and to be yourself”. That really means the world to me and the way the fans have responded to me means even more. They’ve been coming with me on this ride for a long time and I appreciate everybody who has been supporting me this whole time.”

On being seen as a TNA talent and not a WWE castaway:

“I appreciate that. For everybody that’s leaving the WWE right now like Cody, Barrett… They’re going to do things because they have those capabilities… But the other guys that aren’t too sure of themselves and aren’t too sure where they’re going to go, I just wanted to set an example and show that there is a big world out there. The wrestling world is on fire right now! Just go out there, prove what you can do and you may get the opportunity somewhere like TNA to really show what you can do on the biggest stage.”

On the constant negativity hate towards Impact Wrestling from the Internet Wrestling Community and reports of “Low Morale” Within TNA:

“Just watch the show! it is as simple as that. I have seen a difference since I’ve got to the company. At first, they’d ask me why I was there. I’d ask their opinion. “Ok, what’s wrong?” What’s your opinion of the product?” I like to hear the negatives because I like to hear if it is constructive and see if I agree with them. That is the only way you get better is if you get a constructive opinion. But, generally, they just didn’t watch the show! Fast forward to the past few months. The same kind of fans are saying they are watching the product and they’re very happy with how it has been especially since the move to POP TV. Everybody’s finding their characters. The feuds have been really good. Things are where they need to be right now and things are on the rise. It is a case of, just give it a bloody chance! If you love wrestling and say you’re a wrestling fan, why try and destroy it and bash it? Just give it a chance and if you genuinely feel that way, just don’t watch it! It is as simple as that. As for the “low morale” thing, I’d like to comment on that because backstage, it is a running joke now because we legitimately have high morale. (laughs) It is a company where everyone is working towards the same goal. Most of us are kind of younger guys and the older guys are fantastic. I don’t read the Internet. As you said, you’ll shoot yourself if you read the Internet. I see it on my Twitter. Everyone jokes about it backstage because we genuinely do have high morale and are working towards the same goal which is the betterment of the company and ourselves.”

On if it is awkward being the TNA Champion working for EVOLVE which has WWE leanings:

“No. To be honest, I think it is an awesome time for wrestling and for wrestling fans. Just that we’re able to do situations like that. I was EVOLVE champion and had been for about 9 months at the time. We did an angle where I lost the title with my foot under the rope and then I got suspended for hitting the ref. Then my character was like, “The referee didn’t see it. Hey, that’s fine” and then I came back and we won the Tag Titles. Everybody thought I’d be gone. And then everybody went, “Wow, it’s a TNA guy and an NXT guy as Tag Champions. That’s pretty crazy!” Then I won the TNA title and everyone was like, “Ok, the TNA champion is EVOLVE Tag Champions with an NXT guy. This is really crazy!” Then I turned on him WrestleMania weekend… I did a promo about how they used to defend indie wrestling and then all of a sudden, hey, they turned their back. I worked it in a way, towing the line not to offend TNA and not to offend WWE and instead to work a cool angle and to give the fans something compelling. I just basically said the fans, you’re a bunch of hypocrites! You’re just as bad as everyone else. Everything coming out of your mouth is a lie! We towed the line and then we did the big angle with ECIII and maybe we were, right on the line. (laughs) But, nothing that is going to offend anybody too bad and it got people talking!”

On how POP TV has been for TNA Impact Wrestling:

“They’ve been fantastic! They’ve shown up at TV a few times which hadn’t been the case in the past with the networks. We’re also creating unique content with them that they’re going to use as part of their promotional materials and our promotional materials. We’re working together just to raise the profile of the company and they’ve been great. The President of POP, Brad Schwartz came out and told everybody straight up, why would they cancel their second highest rated show, it would be completely stupid and everybody was like “Oh. Now we don’t have anything to say.” I’ve got something to say! Just watch the show! (laughs)”

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