Dolph Ziggler Speaks On Adrian Neville, Using Social Media, His Goals & More

The following are highlights of a new Slam! Wrestling interview with Dolph Ziggler:

Not losing sight of his goals: “For me, it’s not just focusing on moving up in the title picture. It’s about every aspect of the WWE. Whether it’s the App or taking on the superstars, whether it’s five minutes or 20 minutes, finding a way to stand out, steal the show and use that to get back in contention for the title.”

Social media: “It gives you another way to connect with the fans. For five years, fans didn’t know much about me other than I go out, steal the show and put on great matches every night. Now they’re able to find out what I actually care about, what my goals are in this business, etc.”

NXT Champion Adrian Neville: “I was shown a package of things he’s done and I was wondering if I could keep up in the ring with him. Once he gets here he’ll not only already be established, but Superstars like myself will already have ideas in our head about things we can do with him. And that will make it that much better.”

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