Dolph Ziggler Plans To Reinvent The 'Business', Buff Bagwell Goes Back To School

— Dolph Ziggler was asked during an interview with WWE Magazine if there is anyone he loves listening to on the mic. He says The Rock despite not being “a huge fan” of his.

“Though I’m not a huge fan of The Rock, I admit that I am a fan of the fact that he does his own thing. He gets excited on the mic. He yells. He didn’t listen to what people told him to do, and people responded to that. I appreciate someone who stands out and stands up for what he believes in, because that’s what I’m trying to do,” Ziggler says.

“When I finally get the chance to say what I want, to talk about where we’re going from here on out, when my voice, my words, become the measuring stick for WWE, I think that’s the moment that’s going to reinvent our entire business.”

SLAM! Wrestling has published an article on Marcus “Buff” Bagwell wrestling at the high school he attended, Sprayberry High School in Marietta, Georgia. Along with that special occasion, Bagwell partnered with Scott Steiner in the main event of UCW’s recent Superclash event. The former nWo duo lost to Brodie Chase and Mike Knox in a tag team match.

Though long removed from the national wrestling scene and now 42 years of age, Bagwell still looks as he did during the late 1990s with World Championship Wrestling. The twenty-two year veteran credits his persona as the main reason for his consistent look.

“My name’s the reason,” Bagwell joked. “If you’ve got a name like “Buff” you better look the part.”

His physique has led to an endorsement as he is featured in online advertisements for Force Factor muscle building supplements.

*VIDEO* Buff Bagwell appears on Raw

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