DDP On Meeting with Ric Flair Before His Hospitalization, Flair Being a ‘Functional Alcoholic’, ESPN Doc

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ProWrestling.com’s Humza Hussain recently spoke with WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page, for ASBOMagazine.com, and below are some interview highlights:

Humza: Before I ask about the film, I just wanted to know what that night (the film premiere) was like. It was an all-star cast of people, and it looked amazing.

Dallas: You know, I was lucky enough to have gotten with Ric prior to this. You know, when he was going through his near-death experience. Getting to see him before being so sick, and for him to kick out. So to see him there, really looking like a beacon of light, he looked great. The thing that makes that film so beautiful… is that it’s honest.

Humza: Yeah.

Dallas: In our world, we’ve always skewed everything because that’s professional wrestling. What’s real, what’s not? Hundred percent real and raw was Ric’s 30 for 30. When you gotta be honest in talking about not being there for your kids, it can get really tough. He owns it. It’s not like he tried to escape it, he loves his kids, worships them. You know the guy owns his highs and his lows.

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Humza: That’s true.

I mean, like you said, his honesty is something that really sticks out. I thought that was really great of Ric. But another thing that really struck me about the film was – you could tell watching it, that Ric did have an alcohol problem. But unlike other wrestlers, he seemed to hide it well…

Dallas: I don’t even think he hid it. He was just like “hey, I drink”. You know, Ric was a functional alcoholic. When Ric got sick, that’s the first time he, literally, got sober. So that he’s still alive, it just shows you how strong his constitution is. Everything shut down in his body, but the mental part, you know a lot of people, I don’t know if they can really do it. But if anybody can not have another drink, it’s gonna be Ric.

You gotta remember, Ric, can’t have another drink. Kidding around that night, he said “hey doc”, Doc said “hey, how you doing?” he said, “aye, just had a couple beers today”.

Humza: (laughs)

Dallas: And the doctor looks right at him, he goes “Ric, if you have three more beers, and your body reacts the way it did last time, I can’t save you”. So that’s the definition of, you know, it’s showtime.

Humza: For sure. He did say he’s not going to drink again. I hope he doesn’t because we want “The Nature Boy”.

Dallas: Right, absolutely. Everybody loves him.

Humza: When I watched it, I mean, I expected it to be a really good film, but I didn’t think it would be that great. And, I watched it, and I was literally blown away. What was your immediate reaction after you finished watching the film?

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Dallas: I love documentaries.

Humza: Same here.

Dallas: It was every bit as good as the Resurrection of Jake The Snake. That’s what I thought. Two of the icons of our business, and both of them, they were both real and raw.

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