Daily Update: Punk's UFC debut delayed, Daniel Bryan on ESPN


By Dan Velten

CM Punk’s UFC debut has been delayed again. After signing with UFC in December of 2014, it looked as if Punk would be debuting in June of 2016. But that’s not going to happen as Phil Brooks underwent back surgery today to repair a herniated disc. The injury occurred during his career as a professional wrestler, and had been nagging him recently to the point that it was greatly hindering his training. The disc repair suregery will put him on the shelf for at least four to six weeks, and his debut date is uncertain at this point.

A side note in this whole thing: Punk’s opponent was determined only four days ago. Debuting UFC fighter Mickey Gall was given the chance to win one match against Michael Jackson (making his pro AND MMA debut) to earn the shot at Punk. Gall easily handled Jackson this past weekend, submitting him in 45 seconds. After the match, Punk and Gall had a polite meeting in the cage and neither man said much. Perhaps since Punk knew the surgery was looming, he did not want to make too much of the match just yet. Gall will still be the guy at this point, but if Punk’s return / debut is postponed much longer, one would think perhaps Gall would want to fight again. We have more information here. 

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Figure Four Weekly

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Wrestling Observer Newsletter

The Latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter: February 8, 2016 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Bret Hart diagnosed with cancer, Nakamura’s final NJPW match

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Fast Lane and WrestleMania, what’s up with Undertaker, WWE injury updates, the next WWE Network special, Licensing issue with new WWE signees, notes on the next NXT Takeover show, a look at all the TV building the next Takeover show, who led to a huge increase in demand for WWE tickets, next WWE show in Madison Square Garden update, Nakamura updates, WWE performer wants to compete in the Olympics and what former pro wrestler went back to the Olympics to medal, Lesnar’s schedule, Tough Enough winner starts out, Other Tough Enough competitors start out, change in Rumble plans, New WWE Network series based on wrestling matches, new WWE movie, WWE’s tour of Germany this coming week, more on The Rock’s segment on Raw.

A detailed look at the Awesome Kong-Reby Hardy situation in Manchester, England. Benson Henderson’s decision to leave UFC for Bellator and take a championship fight, why he made the decision, what both Dana White and Henderson said. We look at Pro Wrestling NOAH’s last major event and where it’s storylines are going.

A huge look at the life and career of Archie “The Stomper” Gouldie, one of the most memorable wrestling characters of his generation, stories about him, his gimmick, how big a star he was in his heyday, his incredibly long career title history, how he was two very different successful characters, and his most famous angles and biggest bouts. We also have a lot of comments from people who knew him, including how he changed the life and career of J.J. Dillon. The life and career of the original Espectrito, the best heel mini of his generation including when he main evented the Los Angeles Sports Arena, a rarity for a mini.

We also look at Saturday’s UFC , what’s next for the winners, thoughts on Sage Northcutt, as well as business notes on the show and match-by-match coverage.



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Besides CM Punk’s fight being delayed, the big news of the day is Daniel Bryan’s appearance on SportsCenter last night. Bryan revealed specifically that he had been hiding “post-concussion seizures” (it seemed like the implication was he was still having them) and his most recent tests revealed a ‘small sub-acute or chronic lesion’ in the temporoparietal junction of his brain. That can cause seizures, and that’s why he was able to be relatively at peace with retirement. We wish Bryan Danielson and his family the best in whatever comes next for this incredibly talented young man. 

Titus O’Neil is getting a lot of fan support stemming from his suspension. If he gets fired, maybe they can sign Tatum O’Neal.

13 years ago today, Curt Hennig was found dead in a Florida hotel room at the age of 44 years young. Curtis Axel has been pretty active on Twitter today with RTs and such from people helping him get through which is still very tough on him.


WWE/Pro Wrestling

Toronto Batman loves him some Daniel Bryan.
Scott Armstrong (or his car) was the victim of a smash and grab in Portland.
Here’s a Forbes column on why the O’Neil suspension sends a bad message.
ROH TV Champion Roderick Strong talks about his past with Daniel Bryan. Roddy failed to bring up his most famous and most important interaction with Daniel Bryan which was when Roddy cornered PeachMachine in the Grappling Battel~! against Bryan “Chico” Alvarez, who was cornered by Bryan Danielson. 
Bob Backlund was named as the latest inductee into the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame this July, joining WO founder Dave Meltzer, Chael Sonnen, JJ Dillon, Lex Luger, and Joe Blanchard.
House of Hardcore returns to Canada with a show at Niagara Falls, ONT, on 5/7, with Tommy Dreamer, Bobby Roode, Rhino, Colt Cabana, and more.
Colt Cabana has launched a new audio series, Colt Cabana’s Pro Wrestling Fringe, for the Howl.fm subscription service Coupon code COLT gets you a free month, so make sure to use that when you sign up. The first three episodes include stories by Cabana with an assist from David Bixenspan (on Sputnik Monroe) and Rob Naylor (on El Gigante/Giant Gonzalez) as well as a special appearance by Dave Meltzer (on Tom Magee).
Here’s a video look at Preston City Wrestling with comments from Billy Gunn and Ken Anderson… Anderson.


Bellator will debut a feature about Royce Gracie on SPIKE TV on Monday, February 15th at 11 PM EST.
Wanderlei Silva is now scheduled to attend Bellator’s Fan Fest in place of Randy Couture in Houston on February 18th.


For those into TV talk, there’s some shakeups at NBC Universal and at USA Network.
As part of the promotional tour for FITE.tv, Jim Ross did an interview with Ring Rust Radio.
Here’s what you missed from Philly’s Wing Bowl 24 and a CZW tie-in.

ON THIS DAY IN WORLD PRO WRESTLING HISTORY: Terry Funk wins Missouri state title

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