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ROH TV results: Cody the American Nightmare vs. Steve Corino
WWE pulls more UK talent from appearances
NJPW/CMLL Fantastica Mania results: Dragon Lee vs. Cavernario
TNA Impact Wrestling results: Race for the Case
WWE pulls contracted UK talents from FloSlam broadcast
The Hardys vs. Young Bucks set for ROH’s WrestleMania weekend show
SmackDown ratings up a bit for Women’s title steel cage main event


JNPO: Sean Grande on Tito vs. Chael, Superfly Snuka, and the last 18 months 1/20
Bryan & Vinny: NXT, Lucha Underground mid-season finale, Granny, more! 1/20
WOR: Kenny Omega talks Tokyo Dome, G-1, more! 1/19
WOL: WWE business with Dave Meltzer, Raw and Smackdown, weekend schedule, more! 1/19

We’re looking for reports on tonight’s WWE Raw show in Birmingham, AL (Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens) and NXT show in Jacksonville, FL to newstips@wrestlingobserver.com.

We’re also going to do a poll only on the Sunday Fantastica Mania show, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to dave@wrestlingobserver.com.


Tama Tonga & Tanga Roa vs. Togi Makabe & Tomoaki Honma vs. Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii for the IWGP tag team titles
Tetsuya Naito vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi for the IWGP heavyweight title


Gabby Romero (0-1, 121.2) vs. Linsey Williams (0-0, 116)
Lloyd McKinney (9-4, 135) vs. Mitch White (2-1, 135.8)
Billy Christianson (12-6, 158.2) vs. Brandon Jenkins (9-4, 155.8)
Matthew Marsh (4-1, 155.2) vs. Bobby Lee (5-0, 155.6)
Damion Hill (12-5, 168.4) vs. Ben Neumann (11-4, 170.6)
Darrick Minner (17-5, 136.2) vs. Chico Camus (16-7, 134.8)
Lazar Stojadinovic (11-5, 145.6) vs. Mike Richman (18-6, 145.2)


Flyer & Oro Jr. vs. Akuma & Inquisidor
Fuego & Pegasso & The Panther vs. Disturbio & Sangre Azteca & Skandalo
Triton vs. Misterioso Jr.
Guerrero Maya Jr. & Johnny Idol & Rey Cometa vs. Bobby Z & Dragon Rojo Jr. & Polvora
Angel de Oro & Blue Panther & Marco Corleone vs. Felino & Negro Casas & Sam Adonis
Caristico & Diamante Azul & Rayo de Jalisco Jr. vs. Mephisto & Rey Bucanero & El Terrible


Jushin Liger & Tiger Mask & Henare vs. Raziel & Gedo & Ephesto
Stuka Jr. vs. Okumura
Soberano Jr. & Kushida & Ryusuke Taguchi vs. Kazuchika Okada & Will Ospreay & Cavernario Barbaro
Hiroshi Tanahashi & Dragon Lee & Titan & Juice Robinson & David Finlay vs. Tetsuya Naito & Evil & Seiya Sanada & Bushi & Hiromu Takahashi
Mistico & Volador Jr. vs. Ultimo Guerrero & Euforia
Atlantis vs. Rush
Maximo Sexy vs. Hechicero for CMLL heavyweight title

Saturday has WWE Raw in Indiana, PA, Smackdown in Dayton, OH and NXT in Fort Pierce, FL. We’re looking for reports on those shows to newstips@wrestlingobserver.com. 


War Machine vs. Charlie Sterling & Joel Redman
Jay White vs. Martin Stone
Yoshi-Hashi vs. Pete Dunne
Trevor Lee vs. Trent Seven
Marty Scurll vs. Zack Sabre Jr.
Katsuyori Shibata vs. Matt Riddle for British heavyweight title


Derek Anderson (14-2, 160.1) vs. Derek Campos (17-6, 154.2) – Anderson only missed weight by 4.1 pounds
Georgi Karakhanyan (26-6-1, 145.9) vs. Emmanuel Sanchez (13-3, 145.6)
Ralek Gracie (3-0, 183.9) vs. Hisaki Kato (7-2, 185)
Paul Daley (38-14-2, 170.8) vs. Brennan Ward (14-4, 170.9)
Tito Ortiz (18-12-1, 204.8) vs. Chael Sonnen (28-14-1, 205.8)


Blue Panther Jr. & Henare & Soberano Jr. vs. Gedo & Jado & Cavernario Barbaro
Jushin Liger & Tiger Mask & Stuka Jr. vs. Hechicero & Okumura & Raziel
Dragon Lee & Titan vs. Hiromu Takahashi & Bushi
Maximo Sexy & Juice Robinson & Ryusuke Taguchi vs. Kazuchika Okada & Will Ospreay & Ephesto
Hiroshi Tanahashi & Atlantis & Kushida & David Finlay vs. Tetsuya Naito & Rush & Seiya Sanada & Evil
Mistico vs. Euforia
Volador Jr. vs. Ultimo Guerrero 

Sunday has WWE Raw in Canton, OH and Smackdown in Fort Wayne, IN.

Raw will be the Royal Rumble go-home show in Cleveland. Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg are both on the show. There will also be a Smackdown show in Saginaw, MI.

Smackdown and 205 Live take place on Tuesday night in Toledo. Randy Orton vs. Luke Harper has been announced for the show. 

FIGURE FOUR WEEKLY: 1/16/2017 WWE’s path forward in the United Kingdom

While the specifics of what’s to come remain uncertain, it was clear as Tyler Bate stood in the ring alongside Triple H, William Regal, Finn Balor, and Fit Finlay at the conclusion of the United Kingdom Championship tournament that WWE has a legitimate path forward in the country… Subscribers click here to continue.

WRESTLING OBSERVER NEWSLETTER: January 23, 2017 Death of Jimmy Snuka, WWE UK tournament review, more

With WWE and New Japan gearing up for what is an inevitable battle in 2018, have a look at the long-term of the modern pro wrestling scene with both WWE’s latest international moves and what’s coming next, as well as New Japan’s plans in the new double-issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

It’s the first part of a story on the career of Jimmy Snuka, talking about his background, how he got into pro wrestling, how his popularity exploded in the WWF, his pre-WWF days, the death of Nancy Argentino, how the plight of Snuka shows how much pro wrestling and celebrity culture has changed, as well as Snuka’s time as a headliner in Japan and the resurrection of the Argentino case, in this issue.

Have a look at the WWE’s U.K. tournament, how this is laying the groundwork for bigger things not just in the U.K. but worldwide, independent promotions being talked about for the WWE Network, WWE going into competition with a business they partially own, a look at the U.K. scene, a look at how this affects certain talent with U.S. companies, and WWE sending out questions regarding expansion into a new part of the world.

Read about New Japan owner Takaaki Kidani’s talk regarding expanding into the U.S. market, his thoughts on WWE, our thoughts on a New Japan expansion, the AXS deal, the U.S. scene, how to handle the U.S. market and why the territories went out of business.

This issue has a look at the amateur and pro career of Kurt Angle and the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame class.

An update on the health of Vince McMahon, McMahon gives his thoughts on certain things in history and what actually happened, latest WWE network offers and why, Brock Lesnar’s schedule, will Brock do another UFC fight, Paul Levesque talks a women’s tournament, Levesque on Kenny Omega, Levesque on Zack Sabre Jr., Levesque on a U.K. PPV, changes to WrestleMania week, lots of WWE injury updates, WWE stock news, most watched shows on WWE Network, next week’s WWE television plus a look at all the WWE arena events from the past week with highlights and business notes.

Examine the prospects of a Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather fight, why it will be under boxing rules if it happens, what would happen under any other rules, PPV prospects and the difference between boxing and MMA when it comes to headliner pay. 

Click here for full preview.

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WON BACK ISSUE: December 27, 1999 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: WCW Starrcade review, NWO reforms, tons more 

The idea to turn WCW around is–the same idea Eric Bischoff came up with that helped turn WCW around three-and-a-half years ago. The most important thing about the revival of the NWO with Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Bret Hart and Jeff Jarrett, all holding the major WCW title belts, as the final act of the 12/20 Nitro in Baltimore is not whether it was just copying something from the past. Of course it was nothing original, but the object of wrestling is not originality… Subscribers click here to continue.


Kurt Angle has been pulled from Five Star Wrestling for the show next weekend in Dundee, Scotland. He was going to be a television announcer for the live Spike U.K. broadcast. I figured that was almost a lock to happen for all the obvious reasons.

As noted earlier today, Pete Dunne, Mark Andrews and Trent Seven were pulled by WWE from a live podcast taping in London next weekend. The booking of the guests were made months ago, long before there were any plans by WWE to sign U.K. talent or do the tournament. Eddie Dennis, Chris Brookes, Doug Williams, Jonny Storm and Jody Fleisch will replace them.

IPW UK announced for its Sunday show in Rochester, England, that Pete Dunne would do a dark match against Tom Dawkins since he can’t air on Flo Sports, and Ryan Smile will replace Dunne in the main event against Matt Riddle. Joseph Conners is also off the show and will be replaced by Adam Maxted.

WWE did not pull talent (Trent Seven and Pete Dunne) from Saturday’s Revolution Pro show. Seven faces TNA’s Trevor Lee while Dunne faces NJPW’s Yoshi-Hashi. The show isn’t on FloSlam nor will it air live, but there are some basic parameters:

WWE contracted talent will be permitted to perform for certain promotions, but the events cannot be distributed (televised, streamed, transmitted or taped) unless authorized. It is said that all talent was told this before signing deals, and is in all of their contracts.

Some of the WWE U.K. contracted talent is being brought next week to San Antonio.

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For the WWE shows this weekend, Chris Jericho won’t be on tonight’s show in Birmingham but is booked for the rest of the weekend. John Cena and Randy Orton are only advertised for Tuesday night this week. 
“The Ressurection of Gavin Stone” opens tonight. Variety wrote about Shawn Michaels that he “makes a winning impression as a born-again biker-turned-mechanic and is fairly solid across the board.”
The company has released a Jimmy Snuka Collection today on the WWE Network and promoted it hard today in an e-mail blast. “Celebrate the Life of Jimmy Snuka” is more than a bit too much. Doing charity work and having class are hardly the same thing.
The company also sent out another e-mail blast about three months free, saying this is the last chance to order it (which would include Rumble, Fast Lane, Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania) to all the people who got the first blast but haven’t ordered yet.
Howard Stern yesterday aired a brief interview from a convention with Ric Flair, who was asked about blood capsules and Fair said that he never used a blood capsule and “Don’t insult me.” Stern talked about how tough Flair was and they were very respectful toward him. (thanks to Richard Orloski)
A funny 15-year-old video of Bill Goldberg discus throwing a human into a lake.
Eric Winter, who has hired by UFC to run Fight Pass, is finishing up today. He’s been with the company for 18 months and came to UFC from Yahoo! Sports. His family was living in Southern California and he was commuting to Las Vegas every week, and said that with a fourth grader and first grader that he wanted to be home.
Steve Cheung went from being a spokesperson for the UFC to the Assistant White House Communications Director in less than six months.
New Japan also has a Jimmy Snuka special, not any kind of a tribute but they have put up a free match from 1985 with Bruiser Brody & Jimmy Snuka vs. Dick Murdoch & Masked Superstar from Sumo Hall. The finish is bad, as were most of the big match finishes of that era, but you really see how great Brody was at his character and what a phenomenal worker Murdoch is in this match.
Chris Daughtry will be singing the national anthem before tomorrow night’s Bellator show at The Forum in Los Angeles.
Regarding yesterday’s daily update and the mention of Matt Cross. Cross may not have wrestled in Austin, TX (he was at the show) for Wrestle Circus because he injured his knee the night before for Defy Wrestling in Seattle. Cross wrestled King Khash and hurt his knee on a moonsault. Cross, Shane Strickland and Jeff Cobb all worked in Seattle that night and flew to Austin, and Cross wasn’t able to wrestle because of the knee injury.
Chris Dickinson & Jaka vs. Sammy Guevera & Jason Kincaid was added to the 1/28 Evolve show in San Antonio.
Style Battle on 2/10 in Ybor City, FL at the Orpheum will be a one-night eight-man tournament on Flo Sports featuring Sami Callihan, Dan Barry, Anthony Henry and Tracer X.
Mid States Wrestling has Fight for Kaitlyn tomorrow night in North Little Rock, AR at the Maumelle Event Center. It’s a fund raiser for Kaitlyn Ison, who is battling leukemia. Buff Bagwell & Tim Storm vs. Matt Riviera & Greg Anthony headline. All seats are $12.
Lucha Slam on 1/28 in Brantford, ONT at 183 Erie Avenue.
The NWL promotion run by Major Baisden opened with 510 fans on 1/7 in Kansas City and 450 on 1/12 in St. Louis. The next shows are Saturday in Kansas City and 1/26 in St. Louis. They are also offering season ticket packages.
wXw from Saturday night in Oberhausen, Germany: Chris Brookes & Travis Banks b Da Mack & Hakuto, Marius Al-Ani b Absolute Andy, Emil Sitoci b Francis Kaspin, Axel Dieter Jr. b Jurn Simmons-DQ, Alpha Female b Melanie Gray, Dirty Dragon & Julian Nero & Robert Dreissker b Chris Colen & John Klinger
Absolute Intense Wrestling Gauntlet for the Gold no 3/234 in Cleveland at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel featuring Scott Norton

Chael Sonnen’s Submission Underground runs 1/29 at the Roseland Theater in Portland, OR on Flo Sports with these submission grappling bouts announced:

Jeff Glover vs. Chad Mendes
Gordon Ryan vs. Jeff Monson
Garry Toon vs. Hector Lombard
Dillon Danis vs. A.J. Agazarm

Today in Professional Wrestling History (1/20): WWF Royal Rumble 2002


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