Confirmed Names of The Eleven WWE Suspensions

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the confirmed 30-day suspensions include Charlie Haas, Edge, Gregory Helms, John Morrison, William Regal, Mr. Kennedy, Umaga, Funaki, Chavo Guerrero.

Chris Masters was also suspended, but it is unclear at the moment whether his suspension was for 30 days or 60 days. In May 2006, he went to rehab for a painkiller problem. It is unknown if he actually failed a Wellness test, or if it was based on a company decision that he needed rehab for painkillers and they didn’t count it as a strike against him.

Robert Huffman aka King Booker was also suspended. He is currently serving a 60-day suspension. The reason for the 60-day suspension is because it is believed that he recently failed a test in addition to receiving packages of steroids according to federal prosecutors, so that’s two strikes against him. Booker quit the company upon being informed of his suspension. The company was hoping that he’d reconsider, but they were going under the impression that he was finished with the company.

Edge and Helms, both out of action due to injuries, will lose 30 days of their downside guarantee pay.

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