Colin Cowherd reacts on air as 6.4-magnitude earthquake hits Los Angeles

Just before a 6.4-magnitude earthquake on Thursday shook Southern California, Colin Cowherd was talking about the Browns.

In fact, Cowherd had just mentioned the names of ex-Giants Odell Beckham Jr. and Olivier Vernon before abruptly pausing.

“We are having an earthquake … in Los Angeles,” Cowherd said on his show “The Herd,” which airs on Fox Sports 1.

“That was about 10 seconds of an earthquake in Los Angeles,” he continued after another pause. “I thought somebody was grabbing my desk. I’ve never been in an earthquake, certainly not on the air. We’ll take a break. We just had a little earthquake, not that little.”

Cowherd then began reading an ad as if nothing had happened.

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