CM Punk Hints At When He'll Cash In MITB, Ric Flair Talks WWE's Wellness Policy

— During a recent interview with, CM Punk was asked by reporter Robert Pasbani Metal when he might cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase. “My plan is to call somebody out a little bit ahead of time instead of doing the surprise thing,” Punk said. “There is a PPV, Judgment Day in Chicago coming up so I might have to do it so I have the hometown advantage.” WWE Judgement Day takes place on Sunday, May 17. To view video footage, visit

— currently features a profile of WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair. After admitting that he “experimented” with steroids back in the 1980’s, Flair said WWE has cleaned up their locker room with their Wellness Policy. “Our company’s as clean as can be. We’ve got the most stringent drug-testing policies in place in the world. There’s no ifs, ands or buts. The guys pee in an open area. … It is what it is. The guys pay the penalty now. We’re not going to mess around with that after all we’ve been through.” The story mentions that Flair pays a total of $22,000 a month in alimony to his two ex-wives. After all the ups and downs that his crazy lifestyle has brought him, the Nature Boy is still all about a good time. “First of all, I don’t pursue women,” Flair says. “For me, it’s about camaraderie. My whole life is like, if something’s going on, nothing ever preceded fun. I always put my friends and the fun and the business ahead of everything.”

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