Christina Crawford Speaks On TE, Giving Up WWE Contract To Do The Show & More

Tough Enough contestant, Christina Crawford, speaks for the first time about her Tough Enough elimination, her injury, whether she felt responsible for Ivelisse’s injury and more. Plus, we get insight into the process that lead to her joining Tough Enough: giving up her WWE developmental contract (she was Cayley Turner in FCW) to do the show. Christina also discusses her sister, WWE Diva Alicia Fox and why she wasn’t billed as Fox’s sister on the show. Christina also gives her opinion on Andy being crowned champion and whether she regrets giving up her developmental deal to do the show considering she didn’t win.

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On giving up her WWE developmental contract to feature in Tough Enough: “We still had to go through the same process as everyone else as far as auditioning for the show. We did have to relinquish our contracts because the point is to get a contract through Tough Enough. […] We went through the same process. It wasn’t like a free ride at all. Once we were there we worked extremely hard to keep our spot. We all wanted to win so it wasn’t a walk in the park at all.”

Why she wanted to do Tough Enough: “From what I knew from past Tough Enoughs, I was like ‘That sounds cool. It looked like something I could do. Of course I was nervous, but at that time in my training, I felt like I was prepared to be thrown into something different. […] I wanted to something outside my comfort zone that would totally me, and that’s exactly what happened. I feel like I’ve grown so much since the show, especially as an entertainer and learning how to wrestle. It’s been really crazy. I’m a totally different person from where I was when I first started.”

On not being referred to as Alicia Fox’s sister on the show & wanting to stand out on her own: “I love my sister Alicia very much. I’m really proud of her. I think for me, I’m happy with the direction it went. I’m still Christina. I’m still trying to make my own name in this business & show people what I can do besides Alicia. Outside of work, we’re attached at the hip. In work, we’re two different people and we’re distinguished as our two different identities. I think that was great and I really appreciated how it wasn’t really a main focus of anything.”

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