Chris Masters Continues Push To Join TNA, Asks Fans For Help

Former WWE star Chris Masters is continuing his campaign to get hired by TNA Wrestling.

After recently changing his Twitter handle to @Chrismasters310, Masters recently tweeted the following – explaining how he’s going to make an impact on the business and referencing Vince McMahon and taking a shot at the Ultimate Warrior:

“My fellow Wrestling community,If U feel like the art of wrestling has been lost.To all those who care about story telling.I’m ur man#MTI2012”

“Vince said in business you got to be willing to step on toes.U got it VMac.I’m not just gonna step,I’m gonna Squash# MTI Masters2Impact2012”

“I just wanna say 1 thing.I’m no U Warrior!I appreciate WWE.I’m known worldwide because of them.No bitterness!Its campaign time,#MTI 2012”

“I’m just saying let’s take it to where wrestling still matters.This is a grassroits campaign so if you support me spread the word #MTI 2012”

“And I know there’s some who would say #MTI would make no Impact.But your still thinking of 2006 CM.Check out something more current.#IWC4MTI”

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