'Chavo Classic' Comments On WWE Signing Eddie Guerrero's 20-Year-Old Daughter

Chavo “Classic” Guerrero, Sr. gave his thoughts on WWE signing the 20-year-old daughter of the late Eddie Guerrero, Shaul Marie Guerrero, to a developmental contract.

“My dad never approved of women wrestlers,” he told Monday Night Mayhem. “Put it this way: Shaul is going to be the first Guerrero woman to get into the business. If I thought like before, if I thought like the way my father thought, I would be not really too much into the idea, but times change. If that’s what my niece wants to do, then I have the full support of her. I appreciate the WWE taking her in, and giving her the opportunity, and paying her to train, which is even better. It’s going to be up to her to get better and better everyday.”

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source: f4wonline.com

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